Ethiopian Delight

In an effort to live rather than exist, I have vowed to travel more when the money permits and try new experiences – within reason. I will also spend time strengthening my relationships and my favorite lady is at the top of my list. Last week my mom and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant called Desta in the Atlanta area.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am an American eatery type of woman. Find me a place that serves burgers, fries, chicken fingers and brownies with ice cream and I am a content lady. When my best friend texted me and asked what I was doing, he said that it didn’t seem like a place that I would try. So you get the point, it was out of my comfort zone.

Prior to going to the restaurant, I knew Ethiopians ate with their hands and that eating with one particular hand was considered disgusting and rude. Even though I was not actually in the country I wanted to make sure not to offend anyone there, so before we got to the restaurant I told Mom that we could only eat with our right hand and we had to try their native bread.

On our way!

As we walked in, the first thing that I noticed was the music. I found my shoulders gyrating and Mom jokingly told me to stop as I ate my food. Our waitress was extremely friendly and answered all of our questions with enthusiasm.

Mom and I both ordered chicken cooked with rice, (she got hers spicy and I got the spicy sauce on the side) her side item was miser and mine was cabbage and we both ordered injera – their native bread. As we waited on our order, we were eyeing everyone’s food. The vegetable plates looked absolutely delicious and the appetizers were a meal all on their own. We anxiously waited to taste the food for the very first time.

Mom’s food: Spicy chicken and rice, miser and injera

Finally our food arrives (the wait was less than 15 minutes) and it looked amazing. To my surprise, it tasted even better. The chicken and rice had peppers throughout which added to the well seasoned flavor. The cabbage was different from what I am used to but I enjoyed it. The bread was okay but I could barely eat it because as you got closer to the middle, it had holes on one side and I have borderline extreme trypophobia. I enjoyed eating with my hand but I was glad they provided us with forks as well. Mom and I ate with our hands for most of the time but we did pick up the fork here and there for the cabbage and miser. Everyone else in the restaurant were professionals and used their right hand as their utensils. Our meals were no more than $15 a piece and they gave us enough food on each plate for multiple meals. We could have easily shared one order.

My food: Chicken and rice, cabbage and injera

The restaurant and our time together was great! If your Mom is still around be sure to spend as much quality time with her as you can. If you haven’t spoken to her in a while it’s a great time to catch up and see how she has been. If she is resting in peace, take time to honor her through your actions and pass on the lessons that she taught you. Like Mom always says, “You only get 1 Momma!” Be sure to cherish her and if you are ever in the Atlanta area give Desta a try!

Leaving Happy!

-Live Life, God Bless



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