10 Ways to Appear More Confident 

We all have times when we need more confidence. You know right before that job interview,  when you’re about to make an important presentation or when you sing karaoke for the first time? Worry no more! Here are 10 ways to make you seem confident, even if you aren’t:

1. Smile

A great smile won’t go unnoticed. Giving everyone your big genuine smile, commands their attention and raises your confidence stock immediately. Even if you don’t like your smile, make more of an effort to show it off. You and everyone around you will be glad that you did!


2. Fix Your Posture

This is something that I work on daily.  A sloppy posture can make you seem unaware and lazy. Straighten your back and you will automatically look more productive and assertive.


3. Speak Clearly

It is essential to speak loud enough for your audience to hear you and pronounce every syllable clearly. I promise, just doing these two things will make you sound more “important” and like you really know what you’re talking about, even if you don’t.


4. Gain Knowledge – Travel and Read

Learning has never been so easy. With flights out of the country as low as $300 and books being available at every corner,  it is almost effortless to learn a new language or experience a different culture. With a little planning and saving you can gain more knowledge through life experiences.


5. Become More Social – Join Groups

Learning how to communicate with others is necessary for business and personal relationships. Practicing this skill will prepare you to start a conversation with anyone. If you’re an introvert (like me) you will have to practice this skill a little bit more than others.


6. Accept a Compliment

The next time someone tells you how nice you look just smile, say thank you, compliment them if you have a genuine compliment and move on.  No one really wants to hear about how you felt ugly this morning or how your hair is actually a mess. Just accept it as if you already knew, show gratitude and keep walking.


7. Set and Achieve Goals

Make and achieve measurable goals. With all of these #goals floating around it is easy to lose sight of real life goals. Having a “power couple” relationship is a facade, not a goal. Strive to achieve goals like graduate from college, lose 15 pounds or earn a promotion. It is best if you don’t broadcast your goals to the world and just check them off one by one. Let your progress speak for itself.


8. Exercise

When I workout consistently I have a burst of energy, my skin glows, I sleep better,  I fit into older pairs of pants and I just live a life better! When I exercise, my body craves foods that are good for me. Eating good for you foods also leads to a more confident lifestyle.


9. Love Your Self

After loving God, loving yourself should be your next priority.  You need to learn to love every part of you. When I was younger, I hated how dark my skin was. It wasn’t until I became a teenager that I realized that I was ‘stuck’ with my skin for the rest of my life and I needed to at least tolerate it.  Today, my skin is one of my favorite things about myself. Taking time to love and accept yourself will give you confidence in every part of your life.


10. Dress and Groom Well

Buy and wear jeans that fit. If you’re short, like me, make sure that your pants are hemmed and don’t drag the floor.  Be sure to keep deodorant at home,  in the car and at your desk (don’t act like you never forgot to put it on before leaving your house) and always leave the house confident in how you are presenting yourself to world (except when you’re running in Walmart. No one cares how you look there!).



Seek God in all that you do! Seeking Him is the most important advice out of everything mentioned above. God will give you all the confidence that you need to make it through any situation.

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you He will not fail you or forsake you.”- Deuteronomy 31:6

Continuously building your confidence is essential when trying to live your best life. If you work on it daily, before you know it, you won’t have to appear confident because you will be confident.

-Live Life, God Bless


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