What to do While Single

I know people who literally sit at home and whine when they are not a relationship. They do not want to leave their house (I am not sure how they expect to meet anyone), eat, work, or smile. They would rather be in an unhealthy relationship than dare to be single. Living life as a single can be used as a time for growth and believe it or not, it can be really fun. Here are a few things that you can do to grow as a single:

Be Celibate

Becoming celibate was the best thing that I have ever done for myself (thanks little sister). I think more clearly and can make sound decisions about men without sex clouding my mind. I ultimately chose to wait until marriage for sex to honor God. During this time, my relationship with God has grown tremendously and my life finally feels like it is on the right track. Another added bonus is that as a hypochondriac, it is better for me to abstain than to wonder about my health status every other day.

Ditch Social Media

I have not had a personal social media account since July 2016. Yeah, you heard me – no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (I know, crazy right?). I started to notice that I felt as if my life was falling behind my “friend’s” lives. Everyone on my timeline was always on vacation, LOVED every minute of their jobs, were meeting a man, getting engaged and then married all in the same week, and had an event to attend every night of every week. Ditching social media has helped me appreciate more in my own life and contrary to popular belief, I didn’t suffer from FOMO.

Try removing all of your social media apps from your phone for a week and see how much better you feel and how much more productive you become.

Learn How To

Complete the sentence with anything that your heart desires. Since you do not have to worry about what another person is doing at every waking moment, take time to invest in yourself – learn to cook, salsa, sign language or be a better friend. Read a book a month and learn what it means to truly invest in yourself.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

We all know that this is true but finding the will to do it is a whole other blog post. Since people usually gain weight while in a relationship, it might be a good idea to get below your normal weight so that you can still fit into your favorite pair of pants when your significant other does come along. I know when I eat well and workout consistently I feel like a better person. I think more clearly, I am productive and I am just in an overall better mood.

Get to Know Yourself

Before I was single as an adult, I thought “getting to know yourself” was so cliche. “How can you not know the person that you can’t get rid of?”, I thought. Well since my last relationship me, myself and I have gotten more acquainted. I can articulate my likes and dislikes, beliefs and disbeliefs and exactly what I need/want from a significant other. I can no longer be tricked into dating a counterfeit because I know exactly what I want and need.

I hope that these tips help and encourage you to live while waiting on your future mate. The time will pass anyway. It is best to fill it with good moments, good food and good family and friends while you become a better you!

-Live Life, God Bless


6 thoughts on “What to do While Single

  1. This was a gentler version of “Get a life”, which is really want we singles need to do. We need to seek our life’s purpose from Christ, get his mission statement for us. We need to find hobbies and figure out how to entertain ourselves (a spouse is NOT going to do that). We need to be in the Word. We need to help other people. I totally get the longing for companionship. It’s hard to contain sometimes. But we need to become fuller people, for a fuller person is a much better partner. Great words.

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  2. This Blog Of Mine

    This post echoes my thoughts exactly. Like, you’re a whole person with out a partner, so go have fun! And, when the time is right, someone might just come along!

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