My Working Weekend

So I am currently working. That statement is not so out of the norm, except it’s Saturday and I absolutely HATE working over  the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are my days to relax, unwind, watch all of the ratchet television shows that I missed during the week, Netflix binge, harass my family and spend quality time with myself.

So you can only imagine how I felt when my boss “suggested” that I work a weekend to give a few of my colleagues a break from another department? My first emotion was irritation. “Out of ALL the people he could have asked in the other department, he comes over and asks me!”

My next emotion was probably frustration. Again, why am I helping a whole other department? I don’t even directly work with them, so I was frustrated that this idea was even “suggested” to me. 

Next I went straight into woe is me mode. Oh poor me for having to work 1 weekend to give another person a break to spend time with their family. 

In hindsight, it’s quite pathetic and embarrassing that I got so emotionally flustered. And it’s not like I kept my frustration, irritation and woe is me mentality to myself. I made sure that at least a few people knew about how unhappy I was about the decision 🙁.

Now that my working weekend is here, it has not been a horrible experience. I had an opportunity to learn new skills which makes me more valuable within the office, I got to meet and work with some new and interesting people and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I helped someone else have a better weekend. 

I guess I learned a few things: don’t get frustrated about things you can’t change,  be more deliberate about looking on the bright side and whatever it is, it probably won’t be that bad in the end! 

Enjoy your weekend. I plan on enjoying what’s left of mine!

-Live Life, God Bless 


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