Sincerely, A Falcons Fan

I think I speak for everyone who watched Superbowl LI when I ask what in the heck happened last night? I was dressed in red and black from head to toe, even painted my nails to match my attire, spent money on several appetizers and dinner, AND FOR WHAT? To watch you practically place the victory in Tom Brady’s hands?

By the end of the fourth quarter, I was so confused and ashamed that I left the bar early. When I realized that the Patriots were getting the ball first in overtime, my heart couldn’t bare another minute. I’m still trying to figure out how we got to overtime in the first place. I mean, at one point we were literally up by 25 points for goodness sake.

When the “We lost” text came in from my younger sister, I screamed in frustration as I drove down 75 South. I tried to look on the bright side but couldn’t find the light!

I’m super close to withdrawing my Falcons Fan Membership because my heart just can’t take those types of Ls.

When I woke up this morning and replayed my night in my head, I was hoping it was a horrible, cruel nightmare. But after laying there for a few moments I realized…no that really happened. We gave our Superbowl rings away because of stupid mistakes and let’s face it, we just couldn’t cut the mustard against Tom Brady and his seasoned team.

Until I officially withdraw my membership, Falcons you played a good game and did a much better job than a lot of people (including me) thought that you would do.



Live Life, God Bless


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